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One trusting fact to know in youth strength training for your childs sporting ambitions

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March 15 , 2019 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

One trusting fact to know in youth strength training for your childs sporting ambitions

Your kids matter, I get it, I have two and another on the way (oh my!)

And with a growing number of youths/teenagers now being supported at CP in Solihull who are in pursuit of sporting goals across many sports and levels, I felt compelled to share something I thought would be of value to you…


To help with this, for a moment consider your own job…


You likely are well versed in your occupation and could explain how everything you do creates the outcome desired by the customer?


Yet when it comes to athletic training which involves strength/resistance exercises, there is a void of quality information for you to understand and trust how this actually helps your child be better at the sport their passionate about.


So, as my job and passion as a strength and fitness/conditioning coach, I will do this in a common area.


In fact I always say those who truly understand what they do via genuine skills, experience and expertise can make simple sense of complex things.




Most youths want to be able to accelerate faster and change direction quicker, to beat, evade and out perform their opposition, super…


Increased strength, which is simply ability to create greater force from your muscles, enables people like your kids to be able to lay this greater force into the floor to achieve the above.


Consider a car, if you can add break horse power, it can accelerate quicker


Throw in a superior transmission and a suspension kit and it can also change direction with more agility


This in laymens terms is how strength training can achieve this in youths.


Not only id this supported by decades of science but also our own coaching experience having measured this relationship in amateur right up to world class athletes, and extensive chats with world leading coaches and researchers in the field





While the above is not a secret, the real crux for your child to succeed in improving their athleticism in their sport is…

The tools we as coaches use to evoke this (the exercises)


Unfortunately our industry is rife with the notion that doing exercises creates the results people desire, simple


However what’s critical is HOW you perform the exercises based on your body’s ability

Simply, an exercise like a squat may look great and be something your childs favourite sports person may do, yet…

It does not mean it’s the best and safest tool for your child…

Nor does it means they can just do it technically sound


Its these grey areas where true art and experience as a strength and fitness/conditioning coach comes into play in creating a safe and effective training programme which you and your child can trust

Conversely what often now happens in youth athletic training is a coach gets the athletes doing squats, lunges, press up’s, skipping, hopping and a host and weird and wonderful things, but…


Much of this can be a). beyond their current ability, b). technically done in an insufficient way, c) not be the best tool/exercise to achieve the results your child wants




Trust matters 

And trust required understanding

I genuinely believe from feedback, and our extensive coaching in this area at our facility in Solihull, and places like Leicester Tigers, Bath Rugby, RFL and universities, that these simple but critical facts form the base understand for you as a parent, to start to understand how this training can help your child while also being safe.

A reason we support youths 12-18 in rugby, swimming, running, hockey and football, from regional level, right through to international and elite.


Happy to help