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The UK’s most Experienced and Professional Fitness, Performance and Personal Training

This isn’t just ‘a gym’ in Solihull, where you enter and then are left to figure out what to do, hope the kit you want is free to use and cross your fingers you are using the right technique and approach.

Instead, uniquely, we provide you with everything that’s missing, that no where else does, so you can love your training and achieve what you want from it, in the most effective, time efficient way possible.

Why Choose Us

Your own training space and extensive kit, so you don't have to share or wait.

The most experienced professional coaching every session you are in, to trust and enjoy.

A truly bespoke personal training programme, specific to you, updated every week.

Guidance and feedback on your progress to motivate you and provide confidence.

A genuinely welcoming environment, free of ego, judgement and comparisons.

Personal nutrition guidance/mentoring which is sustainable and practical (if you desire).

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Start your journey to achieving the body you desire today by arranging your complimentary 45 minute consultation with us, at our training centre.