Injury rehab and pain management

Do you have an injury or pain, which is holding you back from doing what you want?

Whether that be a sport, to play with your kids, or just to be pain free day to day, if nothing has really worked we can help. We have one of the most proven track records, in using strength and conditioning to rehab an extensive range of injuries to allow people to get their body back to perform how they want in life. A reason many of the region’s leading specialists and consultants recommend people to come to us, due to the evidence of success.

How it works

Common approaches to solving injuries do not often focus on solving the route cause of the problem. Plus, they work off only getting your body able to become pain free for very simple, mundane things, which means when you try and do things you want, that often are more demanding, problems arise again. This is not only in sports but also with day to day activities like walking and gardening.


By using strength and conditioning for rehabilitation, we address the root cause specifically by safely and progressively developing your strength where you need and how you need it.

Then by designing a plan ahead, we can ensure your body develops to the level you need, to cope with and perform superbly in the things you want. Whether that be to go walking with your family, or to compete in sports events, from amateur to the most elite level.


Whether you’re new to strength and conditioning, an amateur or elite athlete, all of this means we know how to combine superb coaching, with also a positive, rewarding and non-judgemental experience, to allow you to conquer your injury and pain, to perform how you want.

What can we help with?

By using a totally personalised and scientific approach to your rehab through the unique method of strength and conditioning training, we have an extensive track record of curing both minor and major injuries. This includes rehab for:


MuscLe tendon and ligament injuries


Acute and chronic joint pain (including back, neck, shoulder and knee)


Sport specific injuries and pain


Joint dislocations and replacements


Injuries pre and post operation


Nerve damage


Chronic fatigue syndrome

Another huge benefit of strength and conditioning for injury rehab, is you can also train and improve other aspects of your body around the injury, so the training is very positive and progressive. This can include qualities such as weight loss, strength development, fitness and overall psychological well being. Making the journey of rehab with us a positive and rewarding experience.

Why choose us?

Qualified coaches

With each of our coaching team holding 1-2 degrees each in this area, plus over 30 years of experience between them, including extensive experience in elite sport, as well as with the general public, our coaching team has an unrivalled level of expertise compared to anywhere else. This ranges from simple and basic injuries, through to traumatic and life changing injuries.

Trusted by professionals

Furthermore, we are trusted by numerous, leading medical professionals in the region from physiotherapists to surgeons, who recommend their patients to see us, a reflection of the quality and uniqueness of the amazing service we provide.

Rated 5 stars

Evidence in this can be found in many of the success stories and testimonials we share online and by us having more online 5 star reviews than any other facility like us in the region. A fact we our very proud of and gives you trust.

Want to get started?

Start your journey to achieving the body you desire today by arranging your complimentary 45 minute consultation with us, at our training centre.