Strength, Fitness and Fat Loss Personal Training

Are you feeling out of shape, lacking in energy or strength, and aren’t happy with how your body looks and feels?

We understand…

Do you want to move away from a body which feels and looks out of shape, unfit and not strong? General exercise, open gyms and diets haven’t made a lasting difference, so you’re looking for professional guidance to take the guess work and stress out?

Whether you don’t consider yourself ‘a gym person’ or have experience of being in a gym, by giving you the most bespoke, personal and experienced support possible your training becomes something which gives you the body you want, that you can enjoy and also utilise to escape the demands and rigours of life.

Our very different approach to training

Regular gyms, general exercise programmes and diets don’t work for so many people, as they aren’t tailored specifically to you. They’re often not time efficient, practical and the experience of them isn’t particularly enjoyable, meaning non of it lasts.

It’s why our very different approach is so successful with people like you, who want to take out the guess work and have an approach tailored personally to themselves and their goals, which they can trust, enjoy and genuinely see the benefits from in their life.

Maybe you think you’re just not the gym type, perhaps you’ve tried gyms and personal training before but found that it didn’t work, or you’re just now looking for something much more specialist and tailored to you and your goals?

The benefits of training with us

That’s why here at Coalition Performance we have the most proven and established track record in the region of supporting men and women, from 11 to 88 years old, of all abilities, to achieve their goals while also loving the experience. This includes goals linked to:


  • Fat loss for self-confidence and health

  • Strength for durability, body shape and tone

  • Fitness for greater energy in life and health

But what’s special about being supported by us is having all of the following 6 elements that you cannot get anywhere else in the region

Coaching every session from the most experienced and qualified coaches, each with 1-2 degrees linked to exercise and coaching.

Over 30 years of collective professional coaching experience in this field, more than any other facility in the UK.

Your own fully kitted out training space. No more waiting around for equipment or for other people.

Your own, bespoke training programme updated weekly by us. No ‘one size fits all’ training where everyone does the same.

More online 5 star reviews and testimonials, than any other trainers and training facility for you to trust.

Personal nutrition mentoring where you can get individual guidance on nutrition for your goals.

Want to get started?

Start your journey to achieving the body you desire today by arranging your complimentary 45 minute consultation with us, at our training centre.