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Planning training like making Ribena



February 26 , 2015 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Planning training like making Ribena


Did you also like Ribena as a kid?

I loved it…

My teeth probably didn’t

But remember how you would get the strength right through the concentration?

Well this explains something about training which almost everyone MESSES UP

Consequently it gives them POORER returns on their training

So what happens when you keep pouring water into your Ribena?

Yeah, it gets weaker and weaker

Now imagine the weaking Ribena is the training effect from your training session

By that I mean all the magic which is about to happen to get you fitter, faster, stronger, leaner

If you arrange your training in the wrong order, yo’re weakening the training effect of that session

In other words wasting all that effort and work you’ve put it!


Do ya go to the gym and do your resistance work, then your CV in one session?

I used to, BUT…

This weakens the positive effect of your resistance training session

On the flip side the same is true…

Do your CV before your resistance work and the CV benefits will be weekend

And the more you do after, the more water your adding to your Ribiena

Its what the scientists called ‘concurrent training effect’

Avoid this and suddenly you get more steak in your sandwich

Bigger bang for buck

That’s it

Time to start having more structured training for OPTIMAL gains

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