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Plyo what!? boost your speed, power and endurance, but BEWARE…

Personal Trainer Solihull. Strength and ConditioningTrainingPlyo what!? boost your speed, power and endurance, but BEWARE…



March 5 , 2015 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Plyo what!? boost your speed, power and endurance, but BEWARE…


A simple way to boost your speed, explosiveness and endurance?

Have you ever heard of plyometrics?

Plyo what!?

I’ve actually got a humorous story about this and one of the tight head props I coach…

But that can wait, let me explain about these plyo’s


Well its a training method which can help achieve the above

But I’m not just writing this to tell you about that :yawn:…

I want to tell you more, a word of CAUTION and HELP, which I don’t hear from any trainers!


I once tried plyometrics when I was a weak, lanky 18 year old

Both occasions I pulled my illiotibial bands *cheers*

Simply, my buttocks weren’t strong enough (the gluteal muscles)

I’ve heard numerous other examples…

Where this advanced training method has caused more issues than good

But wait, don’t go writing plyo’s off yet


You will be likely to be able to use them

These are principles I’ve applied to the coaching I do in Solihull outside of pro sport

So its not just for the elite



  1. You gotta work on the strength of your gluteals first

This will give you gains in performance anyway…

But will also take you on the path to safely use plyo’s

Just appreciate this will take time for you strength newbie’s


  1. Don’t use plyo’s which require big range of motion at the knee and hip

You don’t need it, because….

The activities it will help you with like running, don’t use these massive ranges


So today the rugby player I coach?

He popped back to train with me today before playing for England on Sunday…

We recall 5-6 years ago when he went on a photo shoot for Adiddas…

Who was there waiting, but big Marlon Devonish (GB runner)…

Also, a nice TIGHT FITTING pair or sprinting clothing…

Marlon took him through a plyo session and trust me…

There’s nothing much more awkward than 120kg, inflexible bloke in LYCRA…

Try and do this twinkle toe, springy training

Needless to say, its not one of his happiest moments!


Don’t dismiss plyo’s…

But you gotta have the strength first in the right way

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