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Want more power?



Want more power?

I have rarely ever heard an athlete say, they would not want to become more powerful.

Regardless of the sport, in most cases being able to execute a skill with greater power is always going to beneficial for performance…

  • A golfers swing
  • A tennis players serve
  • A rugby players sprinting

The simple fact is, better athletes, in most scenarios are more athletic, and this is demonstrated by greater power.

We know this, and although it might not sound sexy, it’s fact…

Some athletes can compensate with greater technical skill, but invariably, this will only take them so far until they reach a ceiling. And this can only be raised through greater athleticism.

We have a bit of a problem though…

It’s no Kelly Brook

Coaches have become obsessed with this topic, and often to the athletes detriment.

They have over complicated what is actually a fairly simple formula.

And although their less effective formulas might look ‘cutting edge’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘sexy’, the irony is that they don’t improve power for sports performance optimally.

So what can you do?

Well I’m going to give you the most effective formula to becoming more powerful that you can possibly get!

It’s not the training equivalent of Kelly Brook, but it’s incredibly effective…

Get your legs stronger

Told you wasn’t sexy…

In fact it’s not even particularly exciting, BUT…

It’s so, so effective, regardless of your sport, regardless of your ability, regardless of your experience.


You can’t run a Ferrari on a 1L engine

Power is related to your ability to generate force.

If you can create the ability to generate more force in your muscles by getting stronger, you can apply force more quickly, in faster time frames (more power).

Stronger guys, are more powerful guys…

Consequently, as long as you practice the thing you want to become more powerful in, you win.

Your golf drive significantly increases.

Your speed and agility increases.

And this is not just my opinion that I have landed on…

This is based on years of discussion I have had with the world’s leading researchers in the fields of biomechanics, physiology and coaching science.

So try it, get your legs stronger.

And you know what the added bonus is?

Increased efficiently when running which increases fitness

Increased joint stability which improves injury resistance.

Its win, win, win!

Try it… 

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