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Redemption – Turning it around!



July 15 , 2016 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Redemption – Turning it around!

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So 2 months ago you might have read about, how I had a shocker?


In front of a room of 50 odd people, I had to do a 60 second pitch about fundamentally what CP is


And as you may recall, I froze

Like one of those cringe moments on Dragons Den or the Apprentice


Fast forward to last week, I was in the same position

But this time…

I absolutely smashed it!


So much so, we we’re voted into the final to win 4 figures, next week


Maybe you’ve chocked at a sporting event due to injury or performance?


Or put on so much weight following a key life event, you’ve disappeared into looking and feeling like something you’re not


Because at the time, it feels crap

In fact it feels so crap you cringe and grit your teeth, you dream about it


So how do you overcome this?


Because not just in my example above, but in so many people we’ve coached, they’ve turned it around.  You can do it…




Its easy when things are not where you want, to see and assess things emotionally

This causes you to make bad decisions which won’t change you


So firstly, detach emotion, and assess why you’re where you are, based on cold hard facts, nothing emotional


Often one answer with performance and injury problems is, ‘no structure or plan to your preparation with training’ or ‘a plan based on nothing evidence based, rationale, just your opinion’


In this example, the clear, distilled truth is – you prepared poorly


With body composition one answer often is…


‘making excuses that you can’t train and eat well, related to how busy you are’ or ‘convincing yourself your following a plan, when in reality your lying to yourself, your still boozing more than you say, still eating out more than you say’


In this example, the cold, distilled reality is – you made excuses to yourself, you didn’t commit




Great, you’ve noted the REAL reasons why you’ve physically not found yourself where you want to be, beautiful…


But are you going to take appropriate action?


Nothing is more painful and frustrating when you note the issues above, to then only continue to still want the outcome, but not change what you’re doing


Or even worse, using the fact that you know where you’re going wrong, but not changing, and that by being honest about this, its some sort of badge of honour


‘I know I’ve got to start training more consistently/getting the basics with my nutrition right, but I’ve struggled to change this still…but at least I’m honest!’


Congratulations on your honesty, but this in reality is wasted honesty, as it’s not influencing the very thing it needs to




This simple but highly effective is what we always consider with those we coach at CP, Solihull


As often the fundamental things are holding you back aren’t just think physical, they’re mindset, and why we place emphasis on this and not just ‘sessions’, ‘a programme’


Turning around your physical performance or appearance is totally achievable…


And the processes above to do this are simpler than your mind will often believe



Speak shortly

Dave ‘fingers crossed for the 60 seconds’ Cripps

**Receive FREE, our UNSTOPPABLE RESULTS Training Blueprint E-book, to learn the REAL, PROVEN, KEY methods to achieve the BODY and FITNESS you want ***