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Results before Chrtistmas: 2 expert insights to help you

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October 5 , 2019 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Results before Chrtistmas: 2 expert insights to help you

Cold nights, clouds and drizzle are now descending over Solihull.


In fact, at my home in Shirley, it was ‘crisp’ for the first time in what seems ages!


And consequently, your thoughts regarding your fitness/conditioning, body shape, strength and physical performance can become more prominent.


In the many people we support here at CP in Earlswood, you often see now a lot of refocusing on goals occurring before Christmas.


So what are the top 2, super high quality, snippets of expert insight we can share with you to help?





Despite Christmas feeling near now, there are approx. 12 weeks to go…


That is a period of time you can make HUGE improvements with your body and training:


–          Maybe loose a stone or two of body fat?

–          Gain strength to cure a nagging sports injury?

–          Improve your strength for body shape and tone?

–          Achieve a PB in your running or cycling?


Its easy to write the year off, but the above are factual results people achieve with us which you can.


And how good would it feel going into Christmas with your body in such a great place?


Then when you do let your hair down with some beer, wine, chocolates, you’re not going to feel guilty.


In contrast to the tired, achy, unfit, guilty ways 99.9% of people have.





This time of year people are busy, adjusting into deadlines and all sorts at home and with work.


So how do over 180 people still find chance to come here 1-2 times, each week and train?


This includes people who work in other cities, countries, managers, business owners, nurses, you name it!


Its simply this…


Because they value what they get with there training, nutrition, personal coaching and results here at Coalition Performance, Solihull, they make time.


Time is like a suitcase, you only have so much…


What doesn’t go in is merely the things you value less than the things you do put in.


Therefore its not time in reality which is stopping you, its you placing value on what you want to achieve.


But for that to happen you need to trust and believe you can achieve the results in strength, fitness and your body that you want…


And that’s where we provide the explanation, expertise and support to give this, as personal coaches/personal trainers/strength and conditioning coaches.


Take action, what do you have to loose?



Many thanks


Coach Dave