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Are you an underperforming or injured runner? Aware of the benefits of strength training to solve your running woes, yet confused how to apply this to fulfil your running potential?

The only online, professional strength training coaching support, tailored specifically for runners to achieve personal excellence

Runner strength is the worlds only online strength training coaching support, tailored specifically for runners like you. Who wish to not be side linded with injury and who want to be able to take their running on to the next stage, even though strength training is something not familiar to you, or even completely new.. Not only do we have extensive experience as strength and conditioning coaches with professional athletes, but we also coach many club and recreational runners (you don’t have to be elite!)

Critically runner strength online coaching captures this support for you, into a practical system which fits your lifestyle.  This allows you to benefit from the highest quality strength training to fulfill your running potential and build a durable, athletic body for running, even if you live the other side of the world. You receive

  • A tailored, scientifically based, 12 week strength training programme

  • Mobility exercises specifically selected based on your needs as a runner

  • A professional strength coach from our team, personally assigned to you (not an ‘app’ or freelancer we’ve never met)

  • Fortnightly communication with your coach via mobile video, for personable and convenient dialogue

  • The support to remain accountable and motivated towards your running objectives

  • Our experience and success in helping runners just like fulfil there running potential by becoming faster and more durable

To maintain quality RunnerStrength only support a limited number of people, making this truly unique from ‘generic’ online training programmes. You actually receive the best coaching support, not just ‘a programme’ or communication with a robotic computer/app.

Considering this is the worlds leading online coaching support of this type for runners and the high quality, personal support, this is not for everybody, nor is it cheap. This unique support is available for runners of any level, but who have the determined and committed mindset which is required for it to work. We will give you everything to form this tailored plan and communicate personally with you, but the action and execution of doing this is down to you.

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