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Solving the frustration with an Injury through Rehab…

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October 8 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Solving the frustration with an Injury through Rehab…

When you have an injury, something that’s niggled away from weeks, months, maybe years, the whole experience can be highly negative can’t it?


I was only chatting to a runner the other day, and I shared with her two really important, but rarely spoke about elements, which if you can grasp, will:


A – Give you clarity on the solution

B – See it positively

C – Solve the injury in the best way possible


Whether its someone we’re providing rehab coaching for who has a torn muscle, ruptured knee ligament or repetitive back (spine) problems, these two things remain constant




This sounds so simple…


Often you may have had physio and been to the consultant yet no one is willing to say:


‘Right, this is where you’re at and this is where you want to go.  To achieve this your body needs to be able to do x,y,z and to achieve that you’re going to have to do x,y,z processes’


This gives you three things…


Firstly an understanding of HOW your going to get fixed

Secondly, appreciation of WHY these things matter in a way you grasp

Thirdly, WHAT things you need to do, to create the steps forward


As an example take someone with knee issues with their cartilage or ligaments who runs:


  1. You’re going to get back to running by creating stability in your knee, which comes from increasing strength and how this strength is used.


  1. Like improving the strength of the screws in a door hinge to fix a wonky door, all of this stops the instability and stops the pain and irritation you have. The only way to do this though is by safely and progressively increasing your strength and the amount of running your exposed to, not going from zero to hero.


  1. We will need to use strength training, starting off potentially strengthening the muscles around the injury and then more locally on the muscles directly linked to the injury. Then through movements which underpin running, we will ensure we tune this strength to work perfectly with every step you take when you run.


Now you have an understanding, we can then create milestones along the way for you to tangibly see and feel progress, but also…


Give feedback to equally show you that you are progressing, as when you know things are working, that fuels motivation and progress further.


The key with all of this though?


The person coaching you through the rehab needs to know what they’re doing inside out in depth, so that they have the ability to explain it in simplicity in a way you get (not the medical jargon your used to)


Have a great day


(enjoy the Solihull sunshine while it lasts)