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Strength for Endurance (2 critical things to know)



May 10 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Strength for Endurance (2 critical things to know)

When you have a fitness goal related to endurance; running, cycling, triathlon, two misconceptions are very easy to make


And in fact usually realisation doesn’t kick in until you’ve either stopped improving, or you get injured…


This thing is what strength training for endurance sports is AND how it fits your routine




I read in an article recently….


‘I did strength training, it did not work, because my endurance got worse’


Firstly just saying that you’ve done ‘strength training’ is no different to saying ‘I’ve done some school’, why?


Because it in no way highlights the quality, depth, type and context of what you were doing, if the coach/teacher was skilled, engaging etc


So it is possible to do totally ineffective strength training and not benefit…


Equally over 20 years of scientific evidence and practically proven evidence shows it works at improving endurance (when done correctly)


This is a big reason why people invest in the coaching, personal training and structure we provide at CP, to ensure they do it correctly and it works.


I always say, I am no mechanic, and if I hired some tools and a mechanic bay to fix my car, I could try my best but its likely to not work well as mechanics is not my profession


Strength and conditioning is no different





Strength training is a supplement to what you do on the bike or in your running shoes


Its not a total replacement


While many can indeed sacrifice a running/bike session which has no specific purpose (which is super common)


But no way should this start replacing your endurance training…


Take Richard who we coach, he ran a lot, I would say in fact he was running crazy…


But with an injury and plateau in performance, resulted in him trusting us to replace 2 of his unimportant runs with focused strength training…


He is still with us over 2 years later after multiple PB’s (including 2 this week alone) and a healthy Achilles


We totally acknowledge, you have to do quality miles; continuous, tempo, interval


But we know without any doubt, supplementing this with 1-2 strength sessions is a game changer to unlocking your potential





Ultimately, strength and conditioning for biking, running, triathlon is a different context to sports like rugby, hockey…


Consequently if the approach isn’t tuned to fit this different context, things are not going to work very well


It only works as well as the programme, coaching, structure and personal support provided though


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