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Strength training for youth sport and athletic development

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March 4 , 2019 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Strength training for youth sport and athletic development

We often have parents reach out to this, sharing how they have children who are youths/teenagers and involved in sports, but they have a challenge…


Things like solving injury woes, improving speed, fitness and athleticism for a step up maybe to a team, county or new standard, end up being problems they can’t find a solution for.


Regardless, developing a durable, athletic and body they are confident in to improve their performance in the sport they love is the overriding issue.




Parents find it very difficult to find gyms, trainers or anywhere who specialise in this area, in fact we have youths travel beyond Solihull, Birmingham and Warwickshire to see us.


And when they come across places that claim to do youth athletic training/strength training/resistance training for youths, the next challenge is, do you trust them?




I get it, honestly, your kids are the most valuable things you have, and exposing them to new training which particularly involves


–          moving in new ways (exercises)

–          progressing to use external resistance like weights


Are both things which creates un ease


But to help let me just share some facts




Scientific evidence, a lot from the USA but more recently from the UK, illustrates how supervised and rationale resistance training for youths, improves a youth’s resistance to injury.


This allows them to spend more TIME to train to develop their skills, and…


Reduce the chance they pull a muscle, tweak a joint, potentially even get a concussion


Therefore a child is more likely to get injured when not engaging  in supervised and professional strength and conditioning




But an effectively put together programme in strength and conditioning for athletic development allows kids to get better:


Be faster

More agile

Jump higher

More efficient in how they move


This essentially is this training that allows their muscles to work together to produce more force.


So when their feet for example hit the floor, they absorb the force better, and then produce a greater force back into the floor


Its not about making muscles bigger like bodybuilding…


But instead maximising the performance of the muscles already there, and how muscles collectively work together




But we also know a reality, as once we were youth’s too…


Its got be fun, engaging, enjoyable


It doesn’t matter how scientifically amazing a session maybe on paper, its critical the sessions work great in practice and that’s why coaching is critical


Coaching communicates things in the right ways

Creates an environment for them to train in which is relatable, they get it

And allows them to tap into their motivation


This is where true experience and expertise as a strength and conditioning coach with children to improve athletic development in sports, comes into play…


Combining theory, know how, science, for effective and safe training, in combination with communication skills, personality and the ability to engagement to cultivate the surroundings to relish, benefit and be motivated to achieve the benefits.


So there is an answer for both you the parent and your child


Happy to help