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The Great Protein Secret



May 27 , 2020 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

The Great Protein Secret

Eating more protein is all the rage at the minute, in fact I would hazard a guess that you’re already aware that eating more protein is “good for you”. Yes, it definitely helps muscle recovery post training, and yes it will help keep you full for fewer calories BUT…

There’s one scientifically proven reason why you should focus in on your protein intake when you’re looking to lose body fat for significantly greater results with your fat loss…


Person A: controls their calorie intake to lose weight and has a low protein intake

Person B: controls their calorie intake to lose weight and has a high protein intake


Person A will lose weight, but with a low protein intake that weight loss will consist of both fat loss and lean, functional muscle loss.

Person B will show the same amount of weight loss on the scales, but with a high protein intake that weight loss will consist entirely of pure body fat. They will keep all of their lean, functional muscle!


So why does that matter to you?


That lean, functional muscle is key for your goals:

Looking for a more toned or athletic physique? It’s your muscles that provide the shape for that.

Looking for a better power to weight ratio on the bike? Less muscle would mean less power.

Looking to be fitter to run around with the kids and grandkids? Keeping your muscle is key.


SO Lose weight with a low protein intake and up to 30% of the loss you see on the scales can be muscle mass.

Lose weight with a high protein intake and you’ll be much closer to 100% body fat loss.


That is the real reason you should hone in on how much protein you’re eating when you’re looking to change your body.


Because ultimately, you’re not looking to lose weight to see a change on the scales. You’re looking to lose weight to feel better about how you look and to be able to confidently wear your favourite clothes. Or you’re looking to perform better in the sport that you love or to be fit and strong enough to make the most of all of life’s adventures.

So how much is enough? That’s where the Coalition Performance nutrition mentorship comes in! Eating plain chicken breasts and guzzling protein shakes definitely isn’t the answer for most people. That’s why we work with you to find the practical, real world ways in which you can hit your protein target in a way that works for you.

We’ll give you a clear target and a structure to work within, but how that structure fits within your lifestyle is the bit we come together on. This compliments your strength, fitness and conditioning training to provide you with the very best results.

Hope you’re all keeping safe across Solihull, Birmingham, Redditch and beyond.

Coach Ed Krawiecki