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The most common error with your fat loss goals (and how to fix it)

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May 14 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

The most common error with your fat loss goals (and how to fix it)

One of the most common…


But biggest area’s we observe many people from Solihull, Birmingham and Warwickshire slip up, when striving to drop body fat/lose weight, is BALANCE


What do I mean?

And it’s not balance in terms of not falling flat on your face


To explain this imagine you run a business




Every year you submit your accounts, which includes for every month the money taken in versus the money spent…


This is partly to ensure you’re making money and therefore spending it appropriately to achieve the goals you want


Now let me flip this for you on its head:


‘If you ran a business would you not do your accounts or only submit the months which make for good reading?’


Unless wanting to have a complete meltdown then, no of course not, YET…


This is exactly what most people do in a nutrition context when wanting body fat loss, lose weight, improve their body composition


Either not looking at all at how many calories they are taking in versus expending, or only logging in the good days and not logging the bad days on an app like myfitnesspal




Unless you’re experienced in knowing your nutrition like you’d expect a personal trainer, then this is simple solution…


  1. Know whats going in – logging everything you eat and drink accurately, for a minimum of 14 days


  1. Have a safe understanding of what’s going out – e.g. fitbit, or online calculator and being modest to ensure you don’t over estimate


This doesn’t mean you need to log your nutrition on myfitnesspal for the rest of your life


But instead just until you’ve got a clear understanding of what types of foods and fluids, in what amounts achieve the desired numbers


Beyond that though, being able to know the CONTEXT of this over a week…


Most people don’t eat the same every day, for example weekends are often higher calories


Therefore logging 2 full weeks ensures you get the full picture of how your calories balance, so you can also learn how to balance the days over a week effectively




While calorie counting can get a hard time, the fact is, calorie balance is the unavoidable foundation of you losing body fat, just like taking in more money than your expend is for a business.


Get those books well balanced! 🙂


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