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The Question to Ask Yourself



July 2 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

The Question to Ask Yourself

Let me ask you a question which ultimately will define your ability to achieve your goals (and this isn’t the cliché question you expect any personal trainer or coach to ask you)…




And the answer can’t be ‘get fitter, loose weight, get a PB in my sport’


I mean reeeallly, why?


Your ability, as with me, to be able to achieve a goal with your training relies on a conscious and subconscious ability to link what results you want, with what satisfies key needs psychologically


In other words, you have to be able to link the obvious goals (the examples above), to more deeper personal goals


This example will show you exactly what I mean to help you…


No one wants to train and improve their nutritional habits to lose weight, honestly no one…


Instead maybe you will want to do those steps to lose weight, because then you can recapture the person you used to be in terms of what you could do (maybe sports, activities), to look and feel like the person you know are (rather than wearing clothes which aren’t you because nothing else fits)


Take another example of the people we support who love a sport.


One guy see’s his identity so much as a cyclist as it’s a big part of his life and what makes him buzz and escape stress, he doesn’t want to get more powerful to be better on the bike, he really wants those things because he knows it will improve his sense of identity, self belief, maybe so others he respects can see him for who he is.


The sooner you can dig deeper to really understand why you want results in the gym, this then links the true reason up with the steps needed to get there


And decades of science and also our extensive coaching experience in training strength, fitness, conditioning and rehab, show this will significantly increase your motivation TO DO these things, and succeed.


Have a great day


(and enjoy the superb weather across Solihull and Warwickshire)