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The REAL truth about Supplements…



February 21 , 2015 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

The REAL truth about Supplements…


I think about the world of supplements and just see over sized blokes, wearing equally ridicously sized clothing

So, having been fortunate enough talk to incredibly smart people with Dr and Prof before their name from all corners of the globe…and test these things…

I’m going to tell you THE TRUTH about what works and what doesn’t

But first we need to address something oober important

Supplements SUPPLEMENT, they’re not fundamental

Biggest returns from training and exercise are from through basic, SIMPLE nutrition

Not some sexy sounding supplement promoted by an athlete who has never even tried the thing

So I might disappoint you now but I would only EVER recommend 4 things…


Whey Protein…

These colourful shake like drinks increase some magic which goes on in the cells of a muscle which MAY increase the potential of a muscle to get bigger and stronger

In a nut shell, this can improve the gains you get from your resistance training, by taking a shake during or immediately after lifting

It also aids recovery by making you less sore 24-48 after training



This one is a mental supplement, literally…

A good serving can decrease your perception of effort (make something feel easier than it would of)

And consequently boost your performance in endurance type events and exercises

ALSO it can increase the metabolism of FAT, and aid loosing body fat, but get the basics done first

If you like coffee, use this to get the caffeine, a double shot coffee 20 mins before you start training

If you don’t like the liquid gold or find the fluid bloats you, then use pro plus (read the directions though!)

I don’t suggest using it during long endurance events…

As some evidence is emerging which suggests it can increase risk of you getting those damned cramps



Lucozade sport, Gatorade, so on

If your involved endurance sport training, then take this before, during or after, but definitely during training

It will boost your ability to use your main fuel to perform and help limit perception of fatigue

Outside of that it can be used to restore this fuel tank for later sessions

Outside of that people in team sports should only use it during matches

AND if your resistance training or trying to loose body fat/get lean DO NOT use this, the sugar will have no benefit, but potentially add to that ‘pouch’ around ya gut!



A really effective supplement to increase strength and potentially muscle mass

It provides you with the ability to have more of the energy which allows you to do really intense things

This can lead to greater gains in the things mentioned

BUT, it does not work in everyone



The greatest of all…

A WORK ETHIC when you train!

It’s free, we all have one somewhere if we have purpose AND…

Without it you won’t achieve the results that YOU want

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