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The reality and secrets to keep CRAMP quiet

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June 16 , 2016 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

The reality and secrets to keep CRAMP quiet

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In September 2014 I was in Bath…

Pitchside at ‘the Rec’, the famous rugby ground as we (the Tigers), we’re about to play at


The atmosphere was typically intense and the day hot

In fact I was constantly running back behind the one stand to fetch the balls that Matt Tait and Freddie burns we’re kicking over


In to the 65th minute we had a problem


Not only did Tom Croft who I spent what seemed like forever rehabbing go and damage his ACL, but we had something you will have experienced…




Not just a little twinge…

But the type which takes hold of your calves and hamstrings, gives them a yank, and pulls you down to the floor like you’ve been hit by a snipper


It was so bad that we had 3 players who had to leave the field because the cramp was that bad

But to make things worse…


With 3 injuries earlier, we didn’t have enough replacements left, so we ended up playing a man short


So what did we do which can help YOU OFFSET CRAMP?


We spoke with every single scientist across the world you studied cramp


Sadly, no one, not even the geeky lab coat wearing scientists knew 1 or 2 key things which caused it

That said…


There are a few things which when combined in certain conditions increase your risk


Here’s what they are, and how you can do it:




Its common in crampers to see low glycogen levels, based on the fact it happens when you’re fatigued and have used a lot of this fuel


One way to limit this is to take not only carbohydrates before but also, take gels or carb fluids DURING





Over the year surfaces you run on change firmness (unfamiliar conditions)


Also you maybe used to cycling in a high gear, yet you suddenly go to a low gear (unfamiliar conditions)


You might have ran 10 miles as your longest run, then suddenly do 15 miles (unfamiliar conditions)


The more unfamiliar your muscles are to such conditions, the more prone they tend to be to cramp


Train regularly using the conditions you will be competing in





Science shows cramp occurs due to over excitability in the electric supply to the nerves which activate muscles


Other things which can cause this over excitability can be too much caffeine and anxiety


Consequently, don’t go mad on the caffeine and minimise anxiety





This is the one most people think of, as once again cramp has a tendency to occur when you become less hydrated


A key here though is to replace this fluid not just with water, but carbohydrates and electrolytes


This is achieved by doing the same as step 1 above (take carbohydrate fluid)

That way you kill 2 birds with 1 stone



There are a few other potential factors, but these are the big 4


I can’t guarantee it will stop cramp…

But based on the best science AND the story above where we then went on to lead the way in cramp prevention in team sport…It can REDUCE the risk


Speak shortly


Dave ‘anti cramp’ Cripps

***Receive FREE, our UNSTOPPABLE RESULTS Training Blueprint E-book, to learn the REAL, PROVEN, KEY methods to achieve the BODY and FITNESS you want ***