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The Recipe for Successful Strength Training

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November 18 , 2019 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

The Recipe for Successful Strength Training

Today I wanted to share with you insight to help you, by going straight to the point of the topic :


‘How do I get strong for what matters to me’


I make this point of ‘what matters to you’ as today, in the world of fitness, strength is not just a single definition.


It can mean strong for:


  • More fitness for an endurance sport.


  • More shape with your body, so when you loose body fat, you look great, no gaunt.


  • Overcoming an injury from a sport.


  • Improved future health, for your joints and well-being


  • Body confidence in doing things with your body that positively surprise and inspire you


So specifics in how you get stronger for each of these will differ, but…


Today I want to share with you fundamental qualities with your physical training which matter across the board regardless of the specific.




Weight training, strength training, resistance training are terms which essentially mean the same thing.


Yet things like pilates, crossfit, powerlifting and body pump and very specific ways in which you use these.


While we have total respect for other forms of training across Solihull, Birmingham, Warwcikshrie and beyond, there is a problem which can effect many…


Think about if you went online to look for car insurance…


You could just limit yourself to only searching the first 4 sites at the top of Google, or…


Like most now you keep all options available and use a comparison site to benefit from all.


By limiting what types of strength training you have available to you, your limiting yourself from potentially great solutions.


This is why at Coalition Performance we don’t limit and pigeon hole our members to a certain concept or fad of training. Instead we look open eyed, at what suits your body, ability, goals and persona best.


If a squat suits you, great we consider it…


If a deadlift is risky due to a prior lower back injury, then we won’t consider it then…


If a bodyweight plank or deadbug like used in pilates is perfect for your core, we will consider it….


Although if a more advanced exercise with more resistance is needed maybe we use a palof press.


Exercises are tools, keep your tools box open and varied BUT….




Progressing onto strength exercises too advanced, too quick is one of the most common issues which cause you:


  • Injury
  • Plateau’ing (results stop)
  • Frustration


So its imperative you only choose suitable tools you’re ready for from your training toolbox.


And, don’t progress the loading of the exercise too quickly.


Strength is a skill and so is training it…


That’s why starting using higher repetitions and lower loads in general limits making the above error (not true in some instances, but general is).


Hence when people come to us at Coalition, they are aware gaining confidence, clarity and guidance on how to do all of this above is imperative.


Having personal coaching/personal training for goals related to strength often is about you having the confidence, trust and belief in the process.


Hence why every person who is interested in joining meets me for a chat first so they can build this with us, to create a positive, highly effective and enjoyable start to their physical training.


Have a great week, speak soon.


Many thanks


Coach Dave