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The unavoidable facts of new year weight loss and fitness

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December 14 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

The unavoidable facts of new year weight loss and fitness

Its that’s time when you’re about to be bombarded with every miracle, secret and product which is going to be your health and fitness saviour.

However, this isn’t what you’re likely expect…

Instead of being the smug, ‘you know nothing’, and downright annoying coach/trainer

(You know the type, who mocks you for having the cheek to even listen to such things)

I will be different, because I’m not here to impress you with myth busting facts, or as many a personal trainer call ‘knowledge bombs’, I’m here to be a solution, to help

So what am I going to tell you which can help you with goals related to body composition, strength, fitness and the overall way you feel?

1. Profit and loss
2. Bunking school

If you run a business or work for one, there is the unavoidable truth that there needs to me more sales then expenses, this creates profit, the beating heart or your career survival

Regardless of the means, the unavoidable fact ito reduce body fat is you need more energy used than energy gobbled up in food and drink

Forgive the simplicity, but this is one of the most proven, valid and factual points we know the science of training and nutrition provides

So however you’re thinking of approaching your nutrition to achieve body fat loss, remember, this truth has to occur.



I wasn’t one for bunking school (I didn’t have the bottle I guess!)

But would you consider students who missed classes to be the ones who got the good results on exams?

So why would you consider results in strength, fitness and all things physical to be different?

To keep to the very clear and transparent nature of this post, science and over a decade of training programmes on this computer show inconsistent attendance through missed sessions = undesired results

Whatever means you choose to train, this other unavoidable truth holds itself to you



Its common for trainers or pt’s to either gloat about ‘transforming your body in a month’ or then at the other extreme, mock you saying you to  ‘be patient and shut up’

While no one can transform anything in life in a month (apart from maybe Nick Knowles and the BBC DIY SOS team)

I do totally get you, me and every human want the outcome we desire and that is entirely acceptable.

So yes, do have patience, for example 1-2 pounds of body fat loss per week is classed as optimal for healthy sustainable change in body composition, however…

Do be motivated by the fact you can see fantastic progress in results early, which although maybe smaller than the nonsense often portrayed on tele and youtube, these smaller wins on a consistent basis create remarkable results overall

Have a great day

(and while totally your choice, should you need support with this, simply click the contact us form to receive a complimentary consultation)