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The unsung hero



September 16 , 2015 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

The unsung hero

One of my favourite films ever is Independence Day

Where ‘Big Willie Smith’ takes on alien intruders


But in this film there is an unsung hero…

A drunk father who kindly fly’s his plane into the giant UFO


And in life in general there are plenty of un sung heroes

The kinda things which are WAY more important and influential than we think


And if I’m being honest, I for many years was like this with NUTRITION

But thanks to soaring work and life stresses over the years as I’ve got older

Boy I am now seeing how my eating influences almost everything….


Sound familiar?


What you munch and swig on effects your…




Adaptation/results from training





So pretty much everything which influences your performance (and not just physically)


And this reason is simple…


Remember what you eat and drink is our fuel


It provides your body with a blend of different things to give it energy

Each of which deliver this and influence your body and mind in different ways


Just like when you take your car to the pump…

You have a choice of fuels which will impact your engine differently


The science on the influence of what you eat on the most holistic of things is BIG

I mean we know consuming a healthy blend of fat can reduce depression

And can improve injury/wound healing particularly early on


So with impact like this, why on earth neglect it?

Of anything you do, this is critical, fundamental, the butter on your toast!


So just a reminder of what your Macronutrients can do…



Supresses hunger, increases your body’s training signals for results, aids muscle soreness recovery and slows down the release of energy to make it more constant and stable



Your carbs provide the most readily available source of energy, they fuel mental not just physical performance, but equally can give you erratic energy and mood levels…

One minute you feel like a superhero the next your hanging on for dear life



Gobbling up a healthy blend of fats:

Keeps your immune system strong, Aids injury healing, Alleviates depression, Reduces risk of heart failure

I’ll be telling you more about each one of these in more detail this week


Dave ‘going super unleaded’ Cripps

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