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There’s more to it than you think…



February 19 , 2015 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

There’s more to it than you think…


I follow this crazy American bloke on Facebook, with a name way cooler than mine and trendy facial hair…

Yesterday he asked:

‘Does me physically training effect my bank balance?’

His answer was…

‘Yeah, It effects EVERYTHING’

What’s your purpose for physically training?

To run faster or further quicker?

To drop some clothes sizes?

To be more robust and strong?

Regardless, these aren’t the REAL, RAW reasons why

What is?

It’s to be better, more capable at something you love

It’s to be more confident and self assured with your image

It’s to be able to go out socially and feel you can be yourself and self conscious

And to be more energised and ready to do things throughout the day

Essentially, it’s about improving OVERALL PERFORMANCE IN YOUR LIFE

That’s why our ethos is:

‘More than Physical Performance’…

We’re different

So when my American buddy Garrett video’s himself setting a PB on one of exercises after 8 months trying…

That achievement makes him perform better later on at work, at home with his family, in everything

I’ve been lucky enough to speak to the world’s two leading experts in human motivation…

(very smart fellas who look a bit weird!)

They’ve discovered motivation and happiness come from three things…

Feeling your good, capable at things important to you (e.g. a sport)

Feeling part of something, have a broader purpose (e.g. a group, team)

– And, feeling a sense of autonomy over what you do and achieve

Physical training executed in the right way, in a great environment with great results can achieve ALL of these three

Its just a shame virtually no one has realised this!

That’s why gyms, health clubs have huge client turnovers and poor clients results

But that’s why Coalition is different (hence the name), we see past the superficial juice bars, false motivation and toys

We know from working in truly elite, successful environments how to make this happen

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