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They’re failing you…



January 5 , 2015 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

They’re failing you…

I heard a surprising statistic the other day about how many people had gym memberships, who don’t…

Have coaching

The thing is I get why, I’m in fact not surprised come to think of it

When you think of this service you instantly think, personal trainer, right?

I see someone been put through every exercise in the book…

Someone having ‘empty words’ thrown at them, false motivation, counting reps

Then someone who a few weeks after hasn’t honestly made any gains and isn’t particularly motivated to plough on for the foreseeable

I wouldn’t want this and I love training, so why would anyone else!?


On the flip side though, for most people, going to gym and having goals, yet not getting professional coaching, is bit like trying to earn a degree without getting any help

Sure some people could probably scrape by, but most will fail, and even still, no one wants to scrape by!

No one wants, mediocre

No one wants ‘part of my goals’

Think about like this, you could do your own accounting, but why would you when you could get an accountant to do it and in the process have them do a way better job and make your business more profitable?

Why are we so open to receiving professional guidance in business, but not with our own health...

We know health and fitness is correlated to physical and mental health, why would you not get the best support for this possible?

Don’t we all want to live as long as possible?

We want to be a healthy, active role model to for our kids, right?

Do want to be a bit part of what we could be out on the sports pitch, track or golf course?

Do we want to have energy each day to pursue all aspects of our life?


So what’s going on?

Who’s to blame?

Well everyone I suppose, but the fact is…

The fitness, performance and health coaching and support available to you is generally poor…

It’s not based on sound rationale…

It’s not based on giving you the best programme to achieve your goals…

In fact it’s not interested in you at all…

It’s just interested in numbers, the business

It’s not about you, it’s about them, even though they tell you the opposite

Why are guys who want to get strong and fast, lifting light weight under fatigue!?

Why are determined, hard working women doing low intensity exercise and posture based exercises to get the body they want!?

I wish I would tell you, because it don’t make sense, it’s irrational


Achieving optimal results is the product of:

  • Having an optimal plan/journey
  • Doing the work, and doing it with determination and consistently

Great coaching can provide both…

Creating the optimal route/plan, and a thriving training environment and relationship to fuel these

Unfortunately the industry in general is failing on both these immensely

That’s why these statistics exist

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