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This might surprise you



September 9 , 2019 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

This might surprise you

Over 75% of our members have never invested in having a personal trainer, prior to joining us at Coalition Performance (CP)


(or strength and conditioning coach, or rehab coach)


In fact last week, Nick, a new member from Dorridge, outside of Solihull said:


‘I‘ve never thought about having personal training, its one of those things I’ve always thought body builders had’


And this stat is true across the wide spectrum of members we coach, from those who have competed in a high level of sport, to those who are not sporting but have once been on the gym floor of a big health club.


Interesting isn’t it?


As a perception of many to begin is that those who invest in our coaching support are:


–          They’re used to having personal training / strength and conditioning coaching

–          They are experienced gym goers


This could not be more un-true, consider this story of mine from 2009…


That year we won Premiership Championship at the rugby club I was a strength, fitness and rehab coach at (Leicester Tigers).


In the off season, back at home in Solihull, my friend gave me a free pass to a commercial gym, but a problem occurred.


Despite being on the high of a huge personal achievement and my profession, I hated my commercial gym experience…


It felt ‘cliquey’

Uncomfortable (like I was being watched a judged for no reason)

And the atmosphere was draining


And I realised a major thing…


If I felt like that based on my profession and experience, imagine what everyone else with the same attitude and mindset as me feels like.


What if you were determined to make change with your body and fitness, despite being overweight?


What if you were tenacious enough to fulfil your potential in a sport you loved as an amateur?


Well unfortunately, many would not be able to benefit from genuine strength and conditioning, and personal training because the environment and way it worked didn’t resonate with you.


Instead you see it as something ‘other people do’


Consequently, this experience created my analogy of the type of person we support at CP (forgotten people of fitness)


And the mechanism to coach people like you to the achievements they want with their strength, fitness, performance and overall get up and go in life.


Have you seen our Facebook page and the array of people we coach and their success stories?


I bet many of these come as a surprise…


That you would not have suspected they train at one of the UK’s leading training facilities of these type?


And maybe, you yourself, if you are different in the ways noted above, could now see there is a place, culture and environment you can succeed in, thrive in and enjoy being part of.


Many thanks


Coach Dave