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Tiger Woods, Doors and Knees…



January 12 , 2015 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Tiger Woods, Doors and Knees…


I once dislocated my knee doing long jump at school, it bloody hurt!

It’s took some quality work over the years to make it rock solid again, but that’s knees for you

So If there’s one part of the body people have issues with its knees

Aches, pains, tightness, swelling, they can be a genuine pain in the ass

Take sly dog Tiger Woods…

Over his career he’s had issue, after issue with his left knee

ACL’s, MCL’s, meniscus, the whole lot!

In fact so have a number of athletes I work with

There is though something which stands out like a sore thumb (or knee in this case) when you look at most of these issues

But before I reveal all, let me provide you with an example to help you get to grips with it



No, I haven’t just gone off on a random blurb.  Just consider a door in your house

When it begins to creek, catch and go un-smooth, the hinge is getting loose…

Those once rock solid strong screws in the wall have weakend over the years and now the inevitable process of your door getting worse and worse has begun

What’s this got to do with knees?

Well your knees are very similar…

The muscles that you have around your knee are like the screws which give your hinge, or in this case your knee joint, a solid base to function well…

Knees like all joints love stability, they function best when their stable and stay more durable when there stable…

Essentially the muscles simply contract to hold the knee joint in the right position, while its rolling around to allow you to run, jump and move

If these muscles are weak, guess what?

Yup, your knee is going to begin to go like that door, where all those foot contacts and impacts from your training, sport and everyday life will begin to take you down the path of knee issues



So going back to our old Friend Tigers Woods, his knee issues are without doubt a result of thousands, if not millions of repeated golf swing movements from a young age…

I doubt he was doing high quality strength training in his earlier years to keep this precious knee solid, which along with all the golf took him down this path…

His knee went down the creeky door route…

Would he not have had knee issues if he’d done the strengthening?

To be honest I think he still would have, but not to the same severity



So is the answer standing on a wobble board with your eyes shut, waving your arms around while singing?

Nah, its simply getting the muscles which support the knee strong….

Honestly! Its that simple…

Its not easy as you will have to put the work in, but it’s the most successful way to sorting, or avoiding knackered knees!

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