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Top 4 Tips to Getting ‘the buzz’ to train at home

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June 24 , 2020 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Top 4 Tips to Getting ‘the buzz’ to train at home

Finding the motivation to train and exercise at home can be tough, particularly having been in lockdown now for some time. One of the biggest reasons?

It’s much harder to get the “buzz” that comes from smashing your PB, with the personal coaches/trainers bouncing, members nodding approvingly and some outstanding trance anthems blasting (music taste is debatable…).

Without that buzz sessions at home can feel a bit flat, like they drag and that you’re just ticking the box.

So without further ado here’s the CP top 4 tips for getting as close as you can to the CP “buzz” with your home strength, fitness and conditioning training:


  • Get the tunes on!

I spoke to one of our members recently who was following their home programme with BBC News on in the background… that’s right… the news.

There’s a time and a place for the latest updates but when you’re supposed to be enjoying pushing yourself the latest spin isn’t all that helpful.

It doesn’t matter what tunes you pick! But get them on and get them loud!


  • Create a training space!

This is obviously easier for some that others and I fully feel for anyone who feels particularly cramped or locked in at the minute.

But for the next 60 minutes push the dining table to one side, put the laptop and the home schooling somewhere else and kick the stray toys/clothes/partners mess into another room.

Having a clear, tidy space will make it so much easier to get into the zone with your training!


  • Get outside!

As I write this at 3pm in the afternoon, the clouds have rolled in from Solihull over Warwickshire and Studley. it’s gone dark and rain is literally bouncing off the back door…


We’ve had some brilliant weather recently. One major benefit of training with little kit at the minute is that you can do it anywhere! So, get out in the garden and get your vitamin D hit at the same time! Doing the things, you normally do inside but outside can be quite exhilarating (or so I’m told!).


  • Change your goals to celebrate the little wins!

It’s very unlikely you’re going to set strength PBs or master new exercises with your home training. Which means that “buzz” of reaching those goals is just as unlikely.

However, change those goals to something more suitable for your current situation and you can still see massive satisfaction from your training.

Me? I’ve used my home training to finally rehabilitate an old shoulder injury. The goal? Be able to get my arm above my head without pain!

Is it record strength levels? Absolutely not, but that first time I could reach up and touch the wall behind me was just as much of an achievement.

Home training is never going to be quite the same as training as somewhere as awesome as CP. But you can give yourself the best shot of finding that “buzz” and making your training something you look forward to rather than a chore.

Keep safe,

Ed “shoulder’s fixed” Krawiecki