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Train it or fail your MOT (like my fiesta)

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March 18 , 2015 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Train it or fail your MOT (like my fiesta)



Just sat waiting by the Plume of Feathers for the car to get it’s MOT (again)

Its been a long drawn out saga!!!


But it got me thinking about your body

Cos’ how many people, including your good self have the following approach…


‘The competitive seasons over, so I’ll do all my physical fitness training now in the off/pre season’


Then the season begins again and you sack off your physical fitness training

Only then to still get the same injuries

And only marginal gains in performance


And the worst culprits are?

My  tight clothed wearing friends involved in endurance sports

But even those who play team sport


Why’s this a problem though?


Its the same as clocking up lots of miles in your car…

Not bothering with the service…

ignoring all the bad noises…

Then expecting your car to pass its MOT

Its just not gonna happen


Your body, as with your car requires year round looking after to be optimal


Benefits of strength training for 2 months will disappear in the blink of an eye if not maintained

How do I know?


Well I had to speak to a number of the world’s ‘big noises’ on detraining, why?

Cos’ one of my athletes broke his neck and couldn’t train for 6 months

So we needed to know what was gonna happen


If you don’t train it, you WON’T MAINTAIN IT

Sure, when you start competing again you can’t train as much like before

But you still need to do something to maintain the benefits you’ve achieved

Non more so with strength


All my programmes with athletes have year around strength and mobility elements

Alongside appropriate fitness and conditioning work


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P.S – The car passed!