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Training Plateau? Egos, Osmosis and Pinball

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April 4 , 2016 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Training Plateau? Egos, Osmosis and Pinball

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Note to self:

‘Don’t work offsite on bank holiday’

If I wanted screaming kids and bedlam I’d just have worked at home!


I digress…

Today I wanted to talk…



That moment your training results stop improving

Strength flat lines, fitness flounders


So here I give you whirlwind A-Z of why this happens

(so you can avoid it and keep succeeding)


So do any of these apply to you?

If so, it will explain why you’re probably hitting a plateau or will in the future



Do you train like a pinball?

Flying around at 100 miles an hour…

No direction?


This exercise, that exercise, a couple of sets here, a couple there

To the untrained person this can work briefly, but very soon when the body gets used to it, the results stall like a jumbo get at 10,000 feet


Instead, train with structure and direction

Stick to key exercises, gradually overload them, go for quality over quantity



Are you the person whose technique gradually gets looser and looser?

The chins/pull down start to represent the tree swinging technique of Baloo from Jungle Book?


Yes the reps or weight went up BUT the technique also go worse and worse

(a false reality of progress)


Without nailing your technique and being 100% consistent with it, things won’t genuinely improve, particularly with your strength training

Value your technique, be proud of it, it will serve you very well



Your body can competently squat 50kg for 4 reps…

But you decide to put 60kg on the bar


Your ego becomes stronger than your body in the pursuit of not looking weak

(I get this I did this when I was younger, to avoid the disapproving looks from ‘Mick the local Birmingham gym legend’)


Doing this ruins technique…

It reduces range of motion and the control during the lowering part of the lift (the eccentric)

Which in one foul swoop totally dilutes the training responses you need to see results


Forget what others think, if they care, they’re not worth knowing!



In one of my favourite films ‘Cable Guy’ Jim Carey puts a huge karaoke system in the apartment of a man he becomes obsessed with


When the unlucky chap see’s it and asks if he’s stolen it, Jim replies with….

‘How d’ya think I got this in here….by osmosis!?’


Which leads me to the mindset you may have, that continued gains happen BY MAGIC!


Do you start training less times per week?

Maybe have a holiday away so miss a week or two?

Does your nutrition slip up?

Do you start ramping up training or competing in other sports so are more fatigued?


In all cases, when you plateau….what do you expect?


If you started spending 40% less time at work, would you expect the same results?


See your training in context, we can all easily expect things, when in reality what we’re doing isn’t in line with producing this


No surprises then at CP these are things we regularly address to keep our members improving

A bi product of having support and accountability


Keep it real!

Dave cable guyCripps


***Receive FREE, our UNSTOPPABLE RESULTS Training Blueprint E-book, to learn the REAL, PROVEN, KEY methods to achieve the BODY and FITNESS you want <Click HERE>***