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Training your brain, staying positive



May 4 , 2020 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Training your brain, staying positive

I was lucky enough to recently attend a Zoom seminar (“zooming” is definitely my bet for this year’s dictionary addition!) led by one of our fantastic members, Sally.

Sally specialises in delivering first class training on how to be more resilient and it was a real eye opener for several reasons.

Eye opener number 1:

Resiliency is the opposite to mental ill health (stress, anxiety, depression).

Those down days you may be having? Feeling stressed and unable to see the end point? It’s these thoughts and feelings that can be minimised, by boosting your resiliency.

For example, at Coalition Performance, our philosophy as personal coaches/trainers is linked to this, bedded in decades of scientific evidence is how your training and nutrition have to be relatable to something that matters to you. How do I mean?

Psychology shows that those who can link tasks such as strength training for fitness and performance, or nutrition changes for weight, to things which truly matter to you, have a higher degree of motivation and resliance,.

For example if your doing a challenging training session, are you going to be more resilient if you link that task as being critical for you to overcome an injury and do the sport you love again? If you link it to changing your body shape superbly to rediscover, look and feel like the person you are? Absolutely.

You can read more at https://www.linkedin.com/in/sallyleese//

Eye opener number 2:

**Spoiler alert** According to Sally, the foundation of all of those pillars is the pillar of energy. The energy pillar consists of:

  • Your nutrition
  • Your exercise levels
  • Your sleep habits
  • Alcohol, caffeine, tobacco & drug habits
  • Your work boundaries and ability to switch off

It makes complete sense. Eating the right things, exercising regularly, sleeping properly and having some true down time are all things that make us feel mentally great.

BUT These behaviours being the real corner stone of mental health is an approach that not many people speak about. That means that by taking action on your nutrition and exercise you can have a direct impact on your mental health in the coming days and weeks and put yourself in the best place to be resilient to the challenges still to come.

Eye opener number 3:

I zoomed away with Sally and an impressive collection of business directors and HR executives. These, like you, are incredibly intelligent people. They all know they should eat healthily and they know they should exercise and strength train. Yet 80% of them admitted that this was their weakest pillar. They’re not doing these things!


A lot of us across Solihull would admit to training and eating well because it impacts how we look. In times like this, that doesn’t seem all that important and so isn’t as a common motivation (the Mediterranean holiday has got to be 50/50 at best this year!).

But have you considered that by strength training, exercising and eating well that you can also significantly impact your mental health over the next few months?

That suddenly becomes a much more powerful reason to fit a training session into your evening or even shop smarter on your weekly shop.

There are undoubtably tough times ahead, but you can directly impact your ability to thrive in those times.

You just have to take action to do the things you know you should and chances are, you will feel so much better for it.

Hope you’re all doing ok,

Ed “eyes wide open” Krawiecki