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Trust, when you’re looking for a fitness coach / personal trainer

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September 16 , 2019 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Trust, when you’re looking for a fitness coach / personal trainer

One word which best summarised part of the big success of my relationship with those I coached in professional rugby was simple

Like you will have with friends, family and work colleagues, for me then it was in my role as their strength, conditioning and rehab coach.

It was trust…

Trust in them knowing I was genuinely and totally into making them the best they could be

Trust that I had the skills and ability to develop them towards their aspirations and goals.

Fast forward to 6.05am on this Monday morning, nothing has changed.

Me and the coaching team at Coalition Performance (CP) are under no illusions that this key ingredient is paramount in supporting people like you from our Solihull gym facility.

Trust lacks in the world of personal training, fitness and strength and conditioning, particularly when investing in coaching or a personal trainer.

We get it, honestly.

Fundamentally in part because I’ve sat down and heard the stories like your’s…

In the over 500, one to one complimentary consultations with prospect members in your position I have took, one thing is always clear:

You’re here to solve a problem, to make your life better, and..

The only way we can help you is if you trust that the solution I’ve outlined with your training, fitness, nutrition, is one you TRUST will work.

So whether it was me earning the trust of the premiership and England rugby players I was coaching several years ago.

Or the trust earned in the member we coach at CP, from 7-82 years old, sporting, non sporting, of a range of abilities, but all here to make positive change in their life…

A key thing we always share to create this trust is EVIDENCE.

Discussing how people with goals just like you have achieved what you want.

How they’ve overcome the previous challenges which held them back.

And explaining the steps to this with your training and nutrition which you can understand.

That’s why for example, we’re proud to share a constant weekly flow of ‘CP achiever’ posts of videos and photo’s of members making positive change in their life with what they do here.

Whether that’s for fat loss, fitness for sport performance, fitness health in life or rehab to cure a chronic injury..

Honestly, this is why we are leading the way nationally, across the UK, in the amount and quality of success stories and evidence we in coaching, training and supporting people like you to achieve, because…

This means you can trust us.

This means you can achieve your goals, with your body related to strength, fitness and your performance not just physically, but in life.

Many thanks

Coach Dave