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We’re different, thats why we’re going to take Solihull to A WHOLE NEW LEVEL

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February 26 , 2015 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

We’re different, thats why we’re going to take Solihull to A WHOLE NEW LEVEL

Why should you listen to anything I say?

You might think this even more when I post my videos, talking with my accent

But, a fair question…

You’ve listened to other quote on quote experts

But its ended in you getting no where

You’ve tried various training methods and nutrition strategies

But you’re still at square one

Not looking, feeling or performing how you want from your training


Well outside of my work in pro sport I get asked a question a lot…

‘So you’re like a personal trainer’

Now that’s cool, I get it

I’m not egotistical and going to throw protein shakes at you

But the thing is, I’m not a PT, IM DIFFERENT

And this is the challenge when creating something no one has experienced before

The knowledge, level of EXPERIENCE and SKILL set, I’ve been fortunate to develop in pro sport is UNIQUE

This week alone…

– 3 Players I coach and developed over years are in the England Rugby team to play Ireland

– I’ve spent hours coaching athletes who need ultimate training to make gains as their so well trained already…

– Had discussions with some of the BEST coaching minds around on physical fitness…

– Spoke with one of the world’s LEADING scientists from Canada on training


I’d to think i’m just a bloody good, decent guy too!

This is rare experience you just don’t get anywhere else

Its not just a qualification and random experience at a health club…

Its long term, full time, super high quality

And as a coach who helps people optimally get fitter, faster, stronger, leaner, slimmer…

Greater expertise = GREATER RESULTS

Combine this with a creating a coaching environment which is GENUINELY motivational…

And we have something special my friend!


Now I’m not for everyone…

Just people committed and determined to do the work they need to achieve their goals

But hopefully you can appreciate that what I’m tell you about is the real deal

Not just something I’ve read online or in a textbook

And hopefully you can act more on what I share to help you


On a mission to take health, fitness and performance in Solihull!, A WHOLE NEW LEVEL

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