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What are you capable of?



November 19 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

What are you capable of?

Are you fulfilling your potential?


One thing you, me and everyone share in common, is the human want to be competent, and by that I just meaning capable of being able to do and achieve things.


This is one of the three human needs for motivation and satisfaction in life, not according to me, but to nearly 40 years of psychological research


And more often than not, some of these ‘needs to be competent’ can relate to physical tasks, events or challenges.  Common ones being half marathons, triathlons, velo bike rides, ultra marathons, your first park run.




You and me all aspire to achieve certain things important to us…


But do you really know what you’re capable of?


The idea of this post isn’t to be a rousing motivational speech, but I can honestly share with you that your understanding of what you are actually capable of is likely to be lower than what you think.


And this is no more true than with your physical and mental ability to perform


When I was 16, during GCSE revision one summer I decided to run the 3.5 miles from my house to my mates in Birmingham, something which seemed a bit mad.  In some ways it was, it was way further than I’d ever ran before.


A few years later I ran my first half marathon…


A couple years after that, an ultra marathon…


Then I did an Olympic triathlon which nearly killed me…


This year I then did a half ironman triathlon


The point being, that in every case to begin it seemed a bit crazy, challenging and that apprehension of ‘is it possible?’ went through my head


But as we tick off achievements, a new threshold of potential is set beyond where you previously thought it was.  In my case the idea of a half marathon now seems well within my ability as my half ironman required me to swim and ride a bike for 5 hours before.




No one ever does things like this and just thinks ‘I’ve got this’, yet the common belief is that this is exactly what happens so when you don’t feel like this you end up thinking its not possible


We see this all the time at Coalition Performance in Solihull, whether it be the double amputee soldier who went from struggling to stand on his prosthetic legs, to spending his wedding day on them and then winning a medal at the Invictus games…


Or the endless people with chronic pain in their back, knees or neck who have gone from not being able to do anything physical without pain, to being able to have the fitness, strength and athleticism to play football, do marathons, triathlons, run for the first time in decades.


Its easy to play safe…


But what do you have to lose by tapping into this human need to be competent and aim to become competent at something which feels beyond you and will inspire you?


If they can, you can


Have a great day


(or should I have said – if I can, then you can)