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What diet works best (a refreshing, factual answer)…

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June 25 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

What diet works best (a refreshing, factual answer)…

Are you confused by how once everyone said;

‘low fat nutrition is what made your trim’…


And now its;

‘high fat nutrition is best

‘fat does not make you fat’???


Don’t worry, there is a clear answer and you are amongst many confused walking around Solihull supermarkets scratching their head




I like to train in the day, but my wife Claire doesn’t

Neither of us are right as to what’s best, as the answer is in what works for us best personally


The same lies with your nutrition, and here’s the evidence…


More and more science tells us, low fat, high fat, low carb, high protein, the lot all work (as long as they achieve less calories in than you expend)


Essentially, in general, no one approach works best


But more specifically, from coaching and training people like you day in day out at CP, we know just because something can work, it does not mean it’s the best most effective tool when looking more specifically as you as a person…


Hey, doing star jumps, burpees, and a Jane Fonda type leotard workout burns calories, so of course it can help burn body fat BUT…


It really is not the most effective approach to trim, tone, particularly alongside other common goals like getting stronger




Higher levels of protein in your ‘diet’ are likely to improve your ability to keep hunger at bay.  Not where you need protein shakes coming out of your ears, but probably ~100g minimum for women and 150g for men.  Its as simple as that


You need carbohydrates, extreme low sugar, low carb is not sustainable for the vast majority, and sustainability is the key to loosing weight while also keeping energised for the demands of your life.  If you have a good source of carbs with each meal and as the odd snack you will be ok. Problems will only occur when its from bad sources, and your not consuming s suitable amount of protein.


Fat is super dense in calories, yes it can help keep you full but a huge issue currently is you can gobble up so many calories even from healthy things like nuts and certain butters.  Sure, keep fat you have healthy in type, but don’t go out your way to push how much fat you eat, particularly if your calories intake is pretty low.


But regardless remember it doesn’t matter how you make your calories up…


If the total amount surpasses what your expended in energy, no approach, diet, supplement, anything will alloy you loose body weight/fat


Enjoy the sum


(and don’t lose sight of the bigger picture)