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What to look for in a coach / personal trainer?

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July 31 , 2020 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

What to look for in a coach / personal trainer?

We’re back and re-open and what a day as I write this, 30 plus degrees sunshine across Shirley and Solihull.

Just before sharing a quick expert piece of insight and advice I wanted to say this…

Through lock down we’ve evolved and developed all elements of Coalition Performance (CP) from the gym layout, training, nutrition, coaching, administration, literally we’ve took it above and beyond.

So to have endless members this week say how not only is it super clean and safe, but actually just in general a real advancement forward is great and something which should equally give you trust in the great things we do for people like you.

And hey, to know one of the countries leading and most acclaimed private personal training, strength and conditioning gyms is so close to you is pretty cool!

With us now out of lock down I thought giving you a simple but really effective piece of advice would be welcomed, and its to do with your head…

Currently, with everyone super keen to push on to achieve new feats – fat loss, sporting fitness, curing injuries and feeling strong and durable, there’s an easy trap to fall into…

Its the belief that from your coach or personal trainer, that you need ‘telling’. By that I mean the carrot and stick approach, the experience where you are constantly told what to do, stood over with timings shouted at you, and given the slap on the wrists or eating anything but chicken and broccoli.

We know our leading and extensive coaching experience from everyday people to world class athletes, while motivation, direction and structure from your coach or personal trainer is critical, HOW this is done is so important….

In fact your results and your enjoyment are linked to it…

Science has shown that coaches and trainers you just ‘push you’ in fact reduce you enjoyment and progress in results over time. Where as coaches and trainers who give you structure to your training, improve technique using engaging ways, build rapport with you by asking the right questions and working collaboratively with you, allow to you to achieve more.

This is a pivotal aspect of what we do uniquely at CP.  We coach you as trainers in ways which actually produce motivation and success, a quality developed from our relationships with world leading experts in coaching science and practice.

If you can work as a team, collaborate with your trainer under their structure which still allows you to have a degree of autonomy and play to your strengths and character, you’ll achieve a lot more, and enjoy the journey a lot more.

Coach Dave