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What you lack, but can have…



November 7 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

What you lack, but can have…

A common thing I pick up on from people just like you, such as when we originally meet are team members for the first time, is the realisation of the positive impact inspiration from others can have on your motivation and results from your strength, fitness and body composition training, when they are part of the same community as you.


Let me explain this power in another way…


Almost 9 years ago to the day, I was part of a great achievement, however there was a small bitter edge for me


The pro rugby team I was a strength and fitness coach for, Leicester Tigers, played the South African rugby team in an exhibition match, on a cold dark November night in 2009, but…


I was unable to witness this, as earlier in the day I broke my finger in the gym putting a bar back, so instead I sat in the hospital over the road, while we recorded one of the clubs most historic victories, beating a full strength South African team.


So why share this with you? Amongst the team, this victory played a part in giving immense confidence, to continue to fuel one of the clubs most successful periods.


Similarly, we use victories and successes of our members to spread awareness that ‘you can’.  Seeing others achieve things like curing chronic pain/injury to then go to run half marathons, loosing life changing body fat to become the person they really are, and to achieve new remarkable feats in sports, all can inspire you.


Like with Tigers, if you can be part of a collective which is continually showing progress, wins, achievements, then this fuels a winning attitude and is a super rare but priceless quality to have in the culture of a training/gym/personal training facility.


So where many come to us from gym’s and training studios which may talk about community, but lack an environment and culture of being positive, welcoming, glass half full with a forever flow of winners….


Just remember…


These winners we coach are normal people, Jill who live in Knowle who is in her 50’s who never did anything like this, Tony who lives in Solihull who never realised that you can train around and overcome pain and injury.


If we can…


You can



Have a great day


(rubbish weather doesn’t have to create a rubbish mindset) 😊