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What your sports injury needs, without fail…

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October 16 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

What your sports injury needs, without fail…

Like you may have, we support a lot of people with sports injuries, where the headache and frustration of being unable to solve it is a real drag.


With that your sport is often a big part of your identity and personality so being unable to do your sport is essentially being unable to be you…


So how can people like you overcome these injuries and get back to your sporting passion?


While I could go over a whole host of things, it distils down to a couple of fundamental things, and here is one:


All injuries, yes all, to be resolved successfully need your strength to be developed in the right places but critically…


To be improved in a way which transfers to your sports


I often share with the many injured people we coach from Solihull, across the West Midlands and right out to Leicestershire, through rehab how increasing strength is like making your car engine more powerful, but…


Unless you have also developed the gearbox, transmission, steering and tyres, then a lot of this extra strength gets un-used, put to waste.


Firstly, to improve your strength in the right places, requires approach underpinned by decades of science and experience, whereby your body is progressively and safely exposed to more demanding forces specific to your sport


(in the case of a runner, the forces of your foot slamming on the floor thousands of times on a run)


This could involve a whole host of strength exercises. You are different to everyone else, so what will be best for you depends on your ability, injury, experience, yet…


Regardless its key the exercises are progressed to achieve a positive steps forwards to give you the tool box to resist happily the forces of your sport which previously injured you


Yet what you see, and will have been exposed to previously to try and do this are usually either:


A). Irrational exercises high on risk, low on reward, based around what people think you ‘should do’ (squat, deadlift etc) which also don’t transfer great to your sport


B). Low level, touchy feely exercises which will very quickly stop providing results and not prepare your body for the forces its exposed to in your sport.



Doing strength training is like saying ‘I’m doing school’…


Just doing it doesn’t mean success, there are still a million ways to do this wrong


Resolving your injury requires you to get stronger, yet how to do this is more detailed than many think, yet more simple than many can explain to you in a way which makes sense.


Have a great day


(you can make great positive strides in your injury, rehab and sport)