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When progress in the gym, feels as though its starting to waver

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February 11 , 2019 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

When progress in the gym, feels as though its starting to waver

Have you been there?


No doubt you’ve also had, or likely to have this challenge in pursuit of your fitness, strength, body or sporting goals of:


Self doubt…


You start to struggle to see if you’re making progress maybe with strength, fitness, body fat or rehab (even if you are)


Where progress exists, you find it hard to know if its any good and usually shoot yourself down comparing yourself to incorrect standards and others…


Then enjoyment starts to waiver


This is common following the early stages of success with a training programme, or long term further down the line, but in both cases the same holds true.


Firstly, stopping doing what has led to your successes and creating so much positive is the worst thing possible.


Whether you’re the person overcoming chronic back issues, striving to loose body fat for your life, or chasing superior sporting performance, irrationally throwing the towel in means only:


The processes which created great things will stop, therefore you will only go backwards.


To avoid this SPEAK:


Learn how you are progressing on things rather than assuming and get expert feedback on actually is where you’re at as bad as you think


Discover ways to adapt or freshen things up which still take you towards the goals and results you want in the best way possible


Remember the WHY:


You’re unlikely to be motivated just by the gym…


But are by how it can positively impact the things which do motivate you, maybe that marathon, your recent health scare, your sense of self identity and confidence.


The more you remember these and connect them to the strength and fitness training you need, the more all of sudden clarity, positives and progress can return.


This is why our role as personal coaches/trainers is so pivotal, it allows discussion in helping people not only have a superb programme and technically perform safely and greatly…


But also to give context, feedback and advice on the journey ahead…


We all have wobbles and challenges, even me.


Indeed strive to be the best you can, but also don’t give yourself an unnecessarily hard time


Happy to help, enjoy the sunny day over Solihull