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Who Are We?

More people than ever are searching for the answers to the challenges they face with their body, fitness, health and performance. Yet, personal trainers and gyms don’t fill you with confidence, trust and excitement.

That’s why I, Dave Cripps, founder of Coalition Performance, created the most experienced and professional strength, fitness and rehab gym in the region for people like you. Since 2015 we have become nationally recognised for creating a new gold standard in the industry, so people like you achieve greater results to positively impact your life.

To do this requires investment in the greatest coaching talent in country, specifically from the field of strength and conditioning which is the pinnacle of support you can receive.

Rather than a personal training qualification gained over a few weeks, strength and conditioning requires years of degree level study, combined with years of experience in elite sport as well as the general public. Basically, you can have the upmost trust and confidence in us as trainers, compared to elsewhere.

But do you know what? We are also among the most welcoming, friendly and down to earth people you will ever meet, as we want to be relatable to you. Hence our success in supporting people from 10 to 90 years old, male and female, with goals ranging from fitness and fat, to sports performance and rehab.