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Who Are We?

Coalition Performance is the most experienced and professional physical fitness and performance training gym, creating a new gold standard. Aimed at transforming the bodies and lives of determined, driven and aspiring men and women, in and around Solihull and Birmingham, to achieve major personal goals, through physical fitness training.

We get it…

Conventional gym’s and training does not work, consider this…

Over 70% of new gym members within only 10 weeks stop attending regularly enough to achieve what they want.  Clearly just having a ‘place to train’ does not work.

Uninspiring, judgemental and ego filled gym’s leave you unmotivated, plus having no structure and direction from genuinely personal, professional guidance leaves you unclear on what you should be doing, if your doing it right and if your progressing.

Dave Cripps, Director and Founder of CP, recognised this from a distance while spending a decade as a championship winning, strength and conditioning coach in professional sport, developing multiple international athletes and working with the worlds best coaches, scientists and minds.

In all honesty…

He was shocked…

We get your BUSY, we get what you want to achieve is PERSONAL, and that your determined to achieve the results to impact not just your body, but life

So uniquely we give you the whole solution to achieve this, not just ‘a place to train’, not just a ‘generic training programme and beasting‘. You receive:

– A totally individualised training programme updated every session

– Weekly personal nutrition guidance inline with your lifestyle

– Our unique, welcoming and inspiring environment to train, regardless of your goal or ability

– Leading coaching every time you train

– On going feedback on your progress

Coaches Dave, Ed and Craig work as a tight team to deliver to you personally everything needed so you can just focus on taking the right action, rather than trying to figure out what to do.  All of this is built on the most high quality support, based on science and unrivalled experienced which truly cannot be matched.

We’re genuinely creating the new standard in physical fitness training.  Become part of something special