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Why can’t you?



June 21 , 2016 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Why can’t you?

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Mowing my lawn Sunday (if you don’t know after my first son I developed Lawn OCD, a clinically recognised condition!)…


I was thinking about my own training


You may know over the years despite being ok at lots of physical things, but not good at any, I went on mission challenge myself…


Half marathons, an Ultra marathon, a Triathlon, and endless conditioning sessions out of pitches 1,2,3 at Leicester Tigers training ground (to the amusement of many!)


But why would you want to do that?


I have no doubt that one human need is the need to achieve

In fact science suggests this need to gain ability and success in areas is a huge thing which gives you a sense of satisfaction in life


As I said to new member Stephen who not only put in a great WattBike assessment, but who also rode an event called Le Tour to raise A LOT of money for Cure Leukaemia…

‘I get a buzz as a coach from seeing people work hard and perform the processes to goals they often question if they themselves can achieve’


When did you last do this?


When did you go to the gym, out of the road, training pitch and challenge yourself, and despite the battle, came out after with that sense of achievement?


Because I have no doubt, many people reading this, potentially you, are capable of achieving goals with your body which you think are pipe dreams:


‘I’d love to do that marathon, but I’ve never really ran’


‘Getting back to playing rugby again after the injury and excess weight gain would be unreal, but I’m too far gone’


‘Loosing the tyre and having a great body to impress the other half would be amazing, but I’m no athlete, I’m too busy’


These are all things I’ve heard YET, seen achieved


But often you sell yourself short for no rationale reason

Your not good enough, disciplined enough, the wrong age blah blah blah


If Dan can stand, walk and move on his prostetic limbs for 10 hours on his wedding day, having not been able stand on them for a few minutes, several months before…


Why can’t you?


If Anne, who couldn’t run without severe knee pain can now run pain free and be on the path back to triathlon success…


Why can’t you?


If Ken, a 79 year old with a bad hip, who has had the bottle come to us, to make his body move better to not hinder him in his lifestyle…


Why can’t you?


If Emma, with 4 kids and a business can loose over 10kg of body fat yet turn up and train without fail, with great quality each week…


Why can’t you?


The only thing which limits what you can achieve through your nutrition and training is YOUR MIND and the self-limiting beliefs it can create


There is a way you can do it, I have not a single doubt in my mind…


When are you going to start believing the truth and not succumbing to your own lies?


Speak shortly


Dave ‘you only achieve, what you believe in’ Cripps




***Receive FREE, our UNSTOPPABLE RESULTS Training Blueprint E-book, to learn the REAL, PROVEN, KEY methods to achieve the BODY and FITNESS you want ***