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Why we’re different, and why you should know

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July 22 , 2019 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Why we’re different, and why you should know

I was at a conference the other week and was asked the following by an American chap:

‘So why do you actually do what you do’?

This matters to you because lets face it, all gyms and personal trainer studios, look similar

Weights, ropes, plates…mirrors with an egotistical reflection 😉


So what really does matter to you?

The why…


We change lives…



Sure, a bold statement but let me share these facts

Caroline loves running, she gets injured and can’t run and nothing will solve her problem

Her fitness deteriorates, she puts on weight, she gets more frustrated she can’t do what make her, her.

She contacts us, joins and now runs pain free, has lost body fat, gained more confidence in her body and in her own words ‘isn’t such a nitemare of a wife to be around’

Fitness and running are part of who Caroline is, and when that’s the best ever, it positively changes her life.


Or let’s take Andy…

He came with no sporting goal, but hit a point in his life where putting on body weight, fat and feeling so unfit had impacted his self confidence and self identity.


He’s lost a stone of body fat

Put on a couple of kilo’s of lean weight (good weight)

Has ran for the first time in years

And has a level of strength and fitness he never has as an adult.

Guess what?


Its changed his life for the better.


Gyms and trainers can have the same kit as us…

The same astroturf

The same weights…


But they can’t have our why, because they can’t have our experience and culture, its like trying to re-create a Van Gogh (you can’t!)

The sets, reps, body fat measurements are just the WHAT we do…

The WHY we do (changing lives through this), is where we see fitness, physical training, strength and conditioning, totally uniquely.

So go on facebook and see the constant week on week success stories of amazing people in pursuit of goals related to many different things, which you can relate to:


–          Sports performance, body fat loss, fitness, injury rehab, youth fitness and athletic training


Let the stories of others inspire you to see if your determined to make positive change in your life through your training…


And, if so…

We, Coalition Performance are the obvious chose


Enjoy the sun 🙂

Coach Dave