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Why you can’t afford, to not strength train…

Personal Trainer Solihull. Strength and ConditioningnewsWhy you can’t afford, to not strength train…



September 4 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Why you can’t afford, to not strength train…

You’ve probably heard strength training is good?  With the plethora of gyms and personal trainers in Solihull and Bimringham alone its no surprise


That it can help you in pursuit of various health and fitness goals, but…


Has anyone cared to explain in a way that relates to you and your goals, why?


I ask as often the answer is no, which leaves people open to either being concerned about the use of this training, or going about it in an ineffective and risky way


For this, I’m going to use nothing but factual, scientific evidence, not mubo jumbo…


Which although sounds a bit ‘white coat’ and boring, it gives you trust in what I’m telling you


(As in this industry personal trainers, coaches, gyms will often state things totally untrue)


Strength training:


  • Allows you to improve you body composition in the very best way, bY allowing you to loose body fat, while at least maintaining your lean muscle weight (keeping you fit, toned, athletic and not looking gaunt).


  • Next to fitness/cardio type training, strength training is the next best thing to loose body fat, as you can expend large amounts of energy when using it


  • Improves fitness as well as strength by increasing the maximum amount of force and power your legs can produce and improving the mechanics of how your legs move when running, cycling and lots more


  • Is a key ingredient in overcoming back pain, neck pain, knee pain and all types of injury, as it crates stability in joints, stopping unwanted movement which over time can cause damage, and limiting use of muscles which often get ‘overworked’ to make up for weaknesses in other muscles


  • Is linked to improved psychological characteristics (well being), to help with things like depression and stress we all can experience in every day life. While its not clear why, simple experience would suggest its by realising your potential and improving something physical which is very rewarding and only achievable by lifting weight.


  • Improves your bone health as you get that bit older, to be more durable, by allowing bones to remodel superior as a result of having load safely placed through them


  • Is a totally safe form of training when professionally supervised and supported, in fact participating in activities without strength training increases risk of injury. Generally evidence shows stronger people, experience less muscle/joint injuries


Oh and one last thing…


It’s bloody enjoyable!


All of this is true regardless of if your 41 year old John from Knowle and Dorridge, 14 year old Dan from Birmingham, or 70 year old Gill from Wythall


But just consider…


There are million of was to strength train, yet only a few ways to do it effectively, safely in a way which you can really enjoy and improve your physical fitness, performance and durability of your body by.


Hence a key reason people join CP, is they want and value the professional expertise and coaching we give everyone here (every is coached, its no a gym)…


As this gives them confidence in what they do, more enjoyment as they understand it, trust in the process from training to nutrition, and therefore the best results possible


Have a great day


(the facts don’t lie)