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Why your injury continues or returns



November 15 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Why your injury continues or returns

When your getting re-injured things really drag, I know personally through my own experiences


Will I, can I return to doing what I want do? I was there when I kept pulling my iliotibial bands in my teens


Yet if you were to discover the likely reason for this cycle of frustration, you would not only break the cycle but also be shocked a how simple this component is




While increasing your strength in the right areas, in the right ways is scientifically and practically proven to reduce injury and help for a smooth the return to your activities or sport, its no quite a straight forward…


As its imperative you tune this strength to the movements and tasks, fresh and under fatigue, that you want to return to.


For example we have a rugby player who has developed his strength with us at the CP shrine (gym) to mean he can now start tuning this to drills which underpin his sport


However, if he does not do this and just tried and plays rugby, he will be going zero to hero as he has not developed and tuned the skills to make use of this gym strength, transforming in to rugby strength.  You can’t just expect it all be solved in the gym.


Take the people we coach who just want to stop chronic knee pain, to walk again, exercise pain free.


Claire is a great example whereby her strength training has been the foundation to achieving the above, yet we have had to tune this via exercises to the movements of walking and jogging.




This is why you can get people great in the gym, yet…


They keep getting injured, as they have not developed the skills to take the strength from the gym, to the movements, forces and demands on the pitch, road, bike.


Consequently, on some of our videos of facebook, you do see people doing weird drills, skipping, hopping, walking, not just lifting weights


But away from this, many also need to apply this same principle with their sport, phasing in components of this in a progressive manner, both in intensity and amount


The cycle of frustration can be broke, there are endless examples here at CP, but you need to able to bring all of the ingredients together to create the end desired recipe…not just get some of the ingredients right and then neglect others.


Have a great day


(my head is still recovering from wattbike conditioning earlier)