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Why you’re likely not loosing body fat

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March 8 , 2019 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Why you’re likely not loosing body fat

Sat at Becketts Farm café just outside of Solihull having just had an espresso and bacon sandwich (yes it is possible to have this and be healthy)…


I felt compelled to share this very, very common challenge we see as coaches in people with various goals related to fitness, body and health.



When it comes to loosing weight and body fat, there is one common thing which causes failure


Its not protein shakes, plans or pill, but something much more fundamental


To explain this let me present it you in a context you’ll grasp easily…



I presume you have a bank account, and you check this?


You see how much money goes in, and how much money goes out


What you don’t do is choose to ignore what’s in the account and hope all will be ok, am I right?



When it comes to nutrition, a common theme we see in the diverse backgrounds of men and women we coach is them doing this with their nutrition.


Hoping that what they eat will hopefully produce the outcome they want their body composition


Praying there strength, fitness, cardio or any exercise training will do enough to cancel out the excess takeaways, meals our, and booze


No doubt you know fat loss is about calories in and out, its an unavoidable scientific fact, yet…


If you don’t get your calorie balance right via less calories in than those you burn, you won’t loose weight (sounds familiar?)



So its critical that you, to begin with and for some period get feedback on whether you’re actually eating the right amount of calories


Sure you might have heard someone on youtube say calorie counting doesn’t work, and sure long term it doesn’t, however…


Unless you’re educated in your nutrition, like the coaches, personal trainers and nutritionists who say this, its hard at the start for you to know how what you eat will equate to the right amount of calories.


Therefore that’s why we use an app to track this, so you can see what your current intake of calories is, and for us to see the easiest areas for you to start getting wins.


From here you can act on the nutrition processes which may involve improving breakfast, increasing snacking using practical means and replacing calorific drinks with sugar free ones.


Nevertheless, you will know where you’re at, where you need to be, and the actual steps to get there


But, then as your understanding improves indeed you can set away from the app as now you know what range and kinds of foods work for you…


You know the fundamentals to how to eat to suit your tastes and lifestyle to fit the body weight and health goals you have.


So calorie counting isn’t forever, but if you choose to ignore what your actually eating and doing nutritionally, your just doing the same as never checking your bank account.


Also remember, you can’t out train your nutrition, as an example I trained 8 sessions a week in prep for a half ironman, I needed to drop another few pounds, yet I didn’t for a period, why? Because of too much wine and raiding the kids chocolate box…


So if I can’t out train it with that amount of training, it proves that you’re nutrition has to be something to not hide from, but embrace to get the body weight/fat loss you desire.


Don’t hide from the truth 😊


Happy to help