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You should train this many times



June 25 , 2016 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

You should train this many times

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How often should I train?


A question as general as:


‘How often should I drink wine and beer’


This is such a common question but one you’re likely to get wrong

This means you either start a plan which is totally unsustainable, or you talk yourself out of it thinking your too busy (you’re likely to be, I’ll explain why further down)


The answer for you depends on:


  • What your goals require
  • Your lifestyle



So we coach people with goals ranging from becoming more fast and explosive for sports, to loosing significant body fat in healthy, sustainable ways (no gaunt face, no yo-yo)




For example, training 1 time per week with us to loose 10kg of body fat in a healthy, sustainable way, quick isn’t going to work


Sorry but we, nor anybody else has biblical powers


This isn’t a genuine solution, its like expecting a luxury holiday to Hawaii for the price of a family holiday to Haven


Equally increasing lean body mass to become more robustness and explosive for sport requires more than 1 strength training session per week


How do we know?


Research makes clear the above goals require physiological changes which need more than 1 training session per week, a term called training/session frequency.


A reason why from our professional sport experience we had to get this frequency in each week to ensure performance wasn’t compromised


In both situations we know training 2-3 times per week, consistently is however a genuine solution for these goals to achieved (as long as its genuine quality)




A lot of goals would be achieved faster if you trained 4+ times per week

But we know for you this may not be realistic due to ferrying kids about, the work schedule, and the requirements of your other half!


So its about finding the sweet spot…


For you this most likely means training 2-3 times per week (in general)


This amount of time is achievable to virtually everyone.  And yes sure ‘your busy’ but so is everyone else and they get it done.


I don’t want to sound brash, but honestly, you know that if this is important for you, then you will find time, as long as this time isn’t ridiculous


We have way too many examples of people who are incredibly busy who find the time to train like this, people just like you.  Sure there are serious situations in life which would prevent this, such as illness and family problems, I hear you, but these are not the typical excuses people use.




Your training and nutrition plan HAS TO be a solution

The process COMPATIBLE with the outcome


However, ensuring what you do is realistic with your lifestyle to make sure its repeatable, so you can commit to executing on it without fail


A lot of success in strength, fitness and body can be achieved with relatively very little

I mean is 2 x 50 minute sessions per week reeeaaaally not possible?


No doubt facebook, twitter, instagam and bad tele gobble up a lot of time you could direct to achieving remarkable results with your body and performance?



Speak shortly


Dave ‘you can’t out train our nutrition’ Cripps

***Receive FREE, our UNSTOPPABLE RESULTS Training Blueprint E-book, to learn the REAL, PROVEN, KEY methods to achieve the BODY and FITNESS you want ***