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Your First Step – Don’t do what John and Sarah do

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August 8 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Your First Step – Don’t do what John and Sarah do

This maybe relevant to you, particularly this time of year, and if so what I’m going to share with you is critical….


The sun gleaming over Solihull, you’re going and coming back from holidays, all of which often evokes thoughts about achieving new goals with your fitness, body composition and them having tangible impact on your life


Maybe loosing body fat and strengthening your body to reverse the negative impact of a decade of a demanding career?


Or achieving a new feat in the sport you love in the months ahead or next year (half marathons, triathlons, iromans, cycling tours)


Regardless you will be hit by the realisation of the thousands of exercises, diet regimes, gym’s and training methods you can do (its information overload!)


So you do one or two things:


  1. Try and change lots and lots of things all at once, and it can’t last
  2. Get overwhelmed and never get started as its not practical



This is one of the most common things anyone we first meet encounters and good the news is, there is a solution…


What you need is just this, solutions not problems


Yet everywhere you go all you hear is the problems (too much sugar, not enough training, too little protein) and either no solutions, or solutions you just don’t get


Solutions create structure and one building block of human motivation and behaviour change for success is structure, so what is this?


A PLAN FOR YOU (not John and Sarah)


Structure with your training and nutrition can only work when it relates to you…

Your motivations, ability, lifestyle demands, and when this is simple (which makes it practical)


More often than not you try and follow what John your mate, or Sarah your sister has done, or even worse the pro athlete in an online article, or z list celeb from a magazine


As an example we coach many business owners, or managers of teams, the demands on their lifestyle are not compatible with Mo Farah or Laura from Love Island and therefore they need a unique but simple a approach different from what they typically get given


I mean it really is simple, but the sad reality is most peoples experience of gyms and personal training or coaches is worry over being put into a regime too advanced for them and looking and feeling stupid




If your serious about achieving real results to impact your life through strength and fitness training then consider…


If your car stopped working, would you hire a berth at a garage and rent the tools to fix it?


Or get professional help to get it fixed properly, quickly, by a mechanic?


Now, don’t worry I am not about to say “Hey you need to come to CP” in some disingenuous sales pitch


But I will say, search out someone or somewhere where you think you can relate to and you can trust.


This will allow you to have the structure you need for training and nutrition and allow you to focus on just taking action, not second guessing what to do, how to do it, if your doing it right etc.


In fact to show I am being honest don’t even contact us at CP today, really! Search everywhere else in Solihull, Birmingham, Warwickshire, where ever, as doing right by you is what matters most



Have a great day


(please don’t contact us today 😊 )