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Your Likely Body Fat Gain over Lockdown?

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April 15 , 2020 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Your Likely Body Fat Gain over Lockdown?

Barbecued chicken…

Barbecued burgers…

Barbecued vegetables…

Its been a full on BBQ fest at my house the last week, Richard Green you would be proud (Rich is like the Raymond Blanc of BBQ).

But before Friday’s flaming session, I shot a video here which shared something you likely want to consider.

Through numerous calculations, I’ve estimated that the average CP member could comfortably put on 5kg of fat in a month, and loose 3kg of muscle.


Drops in unconscious energy expenditure from working, small but frequent extra calories from being stuck in, changes in training, can easily lead to the above.

As we’ve focused on the body fat side of things more recently, today I want to shed light on the muscle side for you.

While simple in my explanation be under no illusion this is based of years of not just scientific and coaching study, but discussions with the scientists who research this like Dr Mike Stone and Prof Brad Schoenfeld.


Muscle mass provides strength, and the ‘cross sectional area’ of a muscle is correlated to your maximal strength. This has implications to performance, health and injury, why?

You know greater strength is linked to greater fitness (using less oxygen), greater speed and power and overcoming injuries and joint pain.

Also muscle mass provides the shape to your body, in what people refer to as definition and tone.

Therefore, you have a need to preserve your good weight rather than have it disappearing like above.

So while lack of equipment, coaching and guidance inhibits this, it doesn’t mean there is nothing you can, or should do.

Fundamentally follow the following:

  1. Strength train 2 times per week minimum
  2. Maximise the number of reps, while maintain the perfect form (focus and work hard)
  3. Eat a form of protein straight after or during
  4. Ensure your daily protein intake remains at the target amounts we’ve set you prior

I’m so motivated to share this with you so you limit un-doing the superb training and progress you’ve made.

Remember those PB lifts at the shrine? The first time nailing an advanced exercise? Hitting numbers you didn’t think you ever would?

The only thing you can control in life, is how you respond to life…

Essentially, I care, we care, which is why I’ve spent a half an hour writing you another email to help you.

And if you wonder where that quote comes from see my P.S below 😉


Stay strong

Dave ‘Weber’ Cripps

P.S – A great film out on Netflix based on a true sporting story called ‘Brian Banks’.