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Your Tendons are like my Birthday Steak

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May 19 , 2020 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Your Tendons are like my Birthday Steak

I was fortunate enough to have had a great lockdown birthday this past week! As well having coffees made for me all day and full control of Netflix (Brand new series of the Last Kingdom) the real highlight was a perfectly cooked butchers rib eye steak.

As I was meticulously seasoning every millimetre of steak, the thought dawned on me…

Cooking my steak is remarkably similar to rehabilitating a tendon!

Too little time in the pan it and it comes out cold in the middle, too much time and it’s tough and chewy. But hit that sweet spot and it’s beautifully medium rare.

The idea of finding that “just right” point is where the similarity to tendon rehab really comes in.

You see tendons are funny beasts…

Whereas with a bone break or a muscle tear, with enough rest, your body will repair itself to a reasonable level. But with damage to a tendon, even with all the rest in the world it would never come close to fully repairing itself.

This is because tendons act very differently. To kick start the tendon repair cycle you actually need to use it NOT rest it.

This brings in a real balancing act:

Rest it completely and it will never get better, use it too much, you’ll provoke it and it won’t heal.

That’s why, just like with my steak, having a plan is vital. You might get lucky and hit the sweet spot, but the chances are slim and you’re much more likely to under or over cook it.

By following an expert recipe (Thanks Mr Ramsay!) with clear instructions on how to heat the pan, when to turn the steak and how long to rest it for, I ended up with steak perfection!

This same principle applies to rehabilitating a tendon.

By knowing when to start using it, what movements to use, how to add resistance and when to provide rest you can hit that sweet spot stimulating the recovery without causing more damage.

That’s where our expertise and experience come into their own as strength, fitness and rehab coaches.

Through working at the highest level of professional sport and applying that knowledge to the general public across Solihull and beyond. For the last 5 years we have a proven recipe of not only rehabilitating a tendon problem, but bullet-proofing the area so that it stays fixed for the long term.

Happy rehabilitation!
Ed “one year older” Krawiecki