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Your the nearest to paralyzed you can be without being paralyzed

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January 29 , 2015 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

Your the nearest to paralyzed you can be without being paralyzed


You get injured and you think ‘Ah damn’

You can’t train, play your sport, or maybe even go to work, drive or see your friends and family

It’s a thing which can stress the hell out of you

Your routine becomes messed up

You know what though?

It ain’t as bad as you think

Well for some it is, as they don’t do anything to change the situation

But, if you’re willing to invest a little time into your body, then you can sort yourself  out far quicker than you think

And i’m not even talking about little injuries like sprains and strains

I’ve got some great stories of guys who have come back from unbelievably traumatic injuries…


Where to begin…

Well one guy made a rugby tackle and got caught on the wrong side

He couldn’t move, lying flat on his back on the pitch

Took off on the spinal board he later found out he had broken his neck

To quote the specialist

‘Your the nearest to being paralyzed as you can be, without actually getting paralyzed’

That’s an injury

But, within a year, following a long period of specialist expertise from myself and others, he was back on the pitch…

Not only that, he went on to play for his country and go away on the biggest tour possible for a British rugby player

Still think your injury is all that bad now?


I will share some more of these in due course

I don’t want to spoil you though!

But people can get frustrated with injuries, more than they have to

The key is getting help and doing the work to sort it and prevent it

Simple fact…

People who physically train following a professional programme get injured less

Better quality of life

Better well-being

Better performance

Who wouldn’t want that!??!?

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