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Youth Athletic

Is your child passionate about their sport, wishing to be the best they can be?

But its been hard to find a trainer who specialises and who you trust to support them to be a better athlete, using strength training?

From local to national level sport, we support youths from 12-18 years of age, to be the best athlete they can, by professional, specialist, guided coaching to become stronger, faster, fitter and more durable to the demands of their sport, in a way they really enjoy.

Although their is more evidence than ever to show the positive impact of professional supervised strength and athletic training on your childs ability to be faster, fitter and less injury prone, there is a challenge, TRUST…

During this period of their life, their body is in a unique position and requires an expert and specialist approach to ensure you can trust the safety, effectiveness but also enjoyment of this training in a gym environment.

We have the genuine long term strength and athletic coaching experience to support your child, from collectively 8 sport science degrees, and over 10 years of experience coaching youth’s in this specialist area. For example, 5 years leading the Leicester Tigers Athletic Development Programme for players aged 13-16

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