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You’ve changed things, but you’re not getting results?

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October 3 , 2018 | Posted by Dave Cripps |

You’ve changed things, but you’re not getting results?

Have you found yourself pulling your hair out, over the fact you feel you’ve made the right changes to get results, yet…


You’re not getting any?


Maybe you’ve stopped eating bread and chocolate

You’re now going to gym each week


But still, the body fat isn’t dropping, or the fitness isn’t improving?


The reason can sometimes be because of something I have yet to hear anyone talk about in fitness, training and nutrition


To explain I’m going to use a story creating by our very own Coach Ed at Coalition Performance, so you can get it, and start getting the results you want.


Let me begin…


You’re saving up for something great, maybe a piece of jewellery for your other half for an anniversary which you’ve seen in a swanky Solihull shop


And to get this in time, you’ll need to put aside, lets say, £50 per month


You start saving, and that’s great, but only £40 per month

Now its great your saving and the pot is building, but…

You’re still short by £10, so you won’t get the result (the jewellery) in time


Now think about your training, nutrition, gym trips…


Sure you might now be eating 400 calories less a day…

But it needs to be 600

You’ve gone from having 2 bottles of wine per week to 1 and a half…

But it needs to be 1 bottle

Great you’re going once each week to the gym for personal training/strength and conditioning coaching…

But you need to be picking up an extra session on top


Just making positive change doesn’t entitle any of us to the results we want…

Instead it’s the magnitude of change which does


And while this doesn’t happen overnight, it does have to eventually, and this point we call:


The Threshold of Change


Otherwise you will end up in that frustrated place with your bod, fitness and physical performance


Have a great day


(we’re only politely honest, because we care)